Information for Presenters

RC-EEE 2021
Information for Presenters

Below, please find information that can help you prepare the presentation of your contribution to RC-EEE 2021.

All presenters should log in to AirMeet to their respective session at least 20 minutes before it starts, to meet with the session chair and ensure a smooth session. All presenters will receive AirMeet invitation. Please follow instructions to create account, test your video and audio before the session.

If possible, we recommend that the presenting authors prepare their slide in PDF. This will be the smoothest way to share their slide in the airmeet’s full-screen mode to session attendees during their presentation.

Oral Presentation

Oral presentations should be no more than 10 minutes long. Each paper is only allowed 12 minutes in total for the presentation, questions and switching speakers. Session chairs will be asked to strictly enforce time limits.

Exceptions are:

  • Invited speaker will be allowed 20 minutes presentation.
  • Some sessions with fewer number of papers may allow more times for discussions for Q&A up to session chairs’ discretion.